Best Practices to Handle Multi-Regional Redirects

Expanding into new markets, and wanted to ask about best practices to handle multi-regional redirects.

For each new market (state within the US) I want to surface different content on my website. Based on the IP address of a customer, I want to send them to the corresponding version of the website for their state. First question here, can this be handled in a single domain, or do I need to dedicate a unique domain for each state’s version of my website? e.g. likewise for international markets Or could this be handled within a single domain with dedicated geo-locked pages e.g.

I was reading about the Geo Targetly app, but I’m curious if this can be handled using Page Rules too?

I’m newer to web infrastructure, so any insight on the best way to handle multi-regional redirects to surface unique content in different markets would be greatly appreciated.

This may be possible on a Business or Enterprise plan:

It really depends on what you are trying to do, and even then, there are lots and lots of ways to build a geo-aware solution.

In some cases, you might detect and redirect users from canonical versions of your URL to country/language versions redirects to either

You might choose to have a ‘hidden’ URL structure, and when a request hits Cloudflares edge, append a country code to the URL which gets processed on your backend to generate different content, but the address in the address bar always stays the same (but the content is still cacheable).

You could use Workers to dynamically build pages based on the users location (, or many other potential solutions.

Personally, I prefer having the country/language code in the URL like

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