Best practices for authenticating dns filtering ( SAML, warp, ...?)

Hello first posts are always fun.

My scenario is we have 33 sites that use DNS content filtering / threat mgmt.
Our system has a restricted user that only launches our DVR monitor, and
a admin user ( self exclamatory ).

DNS is blocking almost all web access / and we would like to only apply this to the “monitor” user.

I was looking for best practices, simpler the better. I have AD link and was considering is SAML is a preferred validation method, or if I needed to use the WARP client to authenticate.

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Fun question… site level policies apply to the source IP. If the user is coming from the same IP, using the Warp client would allow you to apply a specific policy to that user. If that user has warp installed and the app is being launched from their machine, it sounds like that would allow them to access whatever based on policies applied to that user.

Similar use case is applied to Trust & Safety / InfoSec users to investigate suspicious links / let them browse Reddit.

Plus side? You can more closely correlate their browsing history, so do them a solid and let them know they should browse reddit on their phone.

And yes, if you have Azure AD, SAML (in Warp) is great to let them authenticate.