Best Practices / differnt views of the dashboard?

New to Cloudflare with 30 domains under the free account. Mostly for the low domain registration / renewal prices and CF name servers (which are more stable / reliable than the shared hosting company’s name servers where the websites are hosted. Some questions for the more experienced here?

Please bear with me if any of these (most?) sound very noob!

  1. On the home page of the dashboard, the top section is ‘websites’ and the ‘add a site’ link. I’m likely wrong but wouldn’t this be more accurate to call it domains / add a domain?

This is where you see all your domains. at least for me, a couple or more domains all point to the same website (which is hosted on a non-CF server).

  1. Is there a way to see more than 20 domains at a time on that websites page?

  2. I’m coming from Godaddy resistrar. Each domain on a separate line and links to different things - renewal, DNS, etc. So in a single click I can to DNS.

Is there a way in CF to get something like that? Now I have to click on the domain, then choose DNS / someting else for that domain on the left. Not a big deal, but an extra step.

  1. Is there a way to easily jump from 1 zone to another? Some of them (should) have the same / very similar entries in the zone. I’d like to quickly move from zone to zone.

  2. Theres a long list of things under each ‘website’ / domain. I don’t understand all of them and not really sure if this or that is an additional charge or included in free plan. Any recommendations on what you enable / disable at the free account level?


Yes, it would. “Websites” is not a good name, but Cloudflare recently tried to change it and there were a lot of complaints so they changed it back.

I don’t have an account with more than 20 but I don’t think so, no.

If you go to the Search in the toolbar, you can delete the domain name from the search field, start typing a domain name, and see a list of matching domains. Otherwise you would need to return to the list.

You cannot accidentally enable something and get unexpectedly charged. Anything you see that isn’t available on the Free plan would tell you to first upgrade your plan.


When I look a a particular dash app, like DNS and I want to compare my settings, I don’t return to my Home screen but use the toggle on the left to pick a different zone (website, site, domain) and see DNS for that other zone/domain/site/website.
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 3.50.39 PM

+! It is confusing, in my mind domain is the name of the domain you register, site & website are the same thing, in my mind the code you put on your origin server, and zone is something I do when watching too much TV! I :pray: :crossed_fingers: this settles out…soon!

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Oh wow, I had no idea that was there. It jumps right to the same page for the other domain! Nice secret feature!


The most accurate is likely to call it a zone but then even more people would be confused.


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