BEST PRACTICE: Should I still upload webp images when using a cdn

The images on my site were a big issue and so we installed Cloudflare for the CDN.
Page Speed Insights isn’t showing massive improvements and we can still do more for the image size.

Note - I changed to lossy settings.

We have resaved images for our site in webp and found big savings on size. As we’re using Magento, we can’t install WebP without installing a plugin as it’s not native.

Is it worth installing the plugin, changing the images in the website to our more optimised webp images, even though they will be processed by Cloudflare CDN?

If you’re a Pro user then you’ll have access to Cloudflare Image Resizing which does this for you at the edge.

Cloudflare Image Resizing
With Image Resizing, you can transform images on Cloudflare’s edge platform. You can resize, adjust quality, and convert images to WebP or AVIF format on demand.

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