Best Practice for managing multiple cloudflare accounts


I manage several websites accounts for clients, they are mostly small local businesses, so free account are more than enough.

I recently ditched my shared cPanel hosting and DNS in favour of Cloud flare and Static Hosting.

But i need to be able to give my clients access to cloudflare while still keeping access for myself.

Is anyone else in this situation? what’s the best way to manage this?

I was hoping the partner program would have a way for me to just manage multiple cloud flare accounts without linking it to any hosting admin panel, but it doesn’t.


We do have other partner programs besides the traditional hosting partner. It may be worth reaching out to the sales/ partner teams to see if one of those may be appropriate for your needs.


Hi cscharff
I tried that,

here’s the response from Garrett Galow:

"Currently, a partner account is the only way to create individual accounts for your clients to give them full access while still giving you the ability to manage as well.

It will require using our Host API and Client API in order to onboard and manage the customer’s Cloudflare settings, since you wouldn’t have access to each customer’s dashboard anymore."

is there information about the non-hosting partner plans somewhere?


Have a discussion with them about the bulk reseller features (leave the price discussion for later).


We are also working on some additional options for account management, but realize in the short term that is of zero help.


To follow on what @cscharff mentioned, one of the features that gets requested a lot and is in the works is multi-user access for more than just ENT customers. It’s coming but we are still finalizing how it will be implemented, when, and for who. Stay tuned!

There is also an existing topic where we’ve been encouraging people to leave feedback about their specific needs (to help guide the decision makers). It definitely helps to understand how many zones, what type of plan levels they may be on, and what level of access needs to be delegated to who.


ok, well that’s good news re. multi access.
can you confirm if that means allowing access to specific domains? (as apposed to just have multiple users able to a access all my clients accounts)

I’m confused if you’re tell me there is a solution for me with the partner / reseller features ir not

at the moment best practice for me still appears to be registering multiple accounts with different email addresses?


There is a partner program which included multi-user access. I can’t speak to the functionality of new features because they aren’t complete yet.


As Cloudflare partner I want to know how can I get multi-user access for accounts.


I am glad you are working on it—this is my need as well.