Best practice for managing client accounts?


Hey there,

I’m a web dev who manages multiple websites for clients. What is the best way to set up Cloudflare for each client?

I was initially thinking I could add all the Cloudflare sites under my account, and invite users for each domain, but it doesn’t look like that possible?

Do I need to create a separate Cloudflare account for each client? (though this would be a little annoying, as I would need to create an email address for each account I create).

What’s important to me is that:

  • I can change all their Cloudflare settings
  • They can access their site’s settings
  • They don’t have access to any of my other sites

Appreciate any help.


p.s. I don’t use cPanel, so just looking for a native Cloudflare solution.


There’s only one way to do this right now: Separate accounts for every client. I believe @thedaveCA recommended this recently.


This helps clarify things, thanks!

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