Best page rules for newbies?!


Hi, just signed up and have worked through the basic setup.

I see that I have 3 page rules, but am wondering which ones are most important (and why). I should also mention that, if the basic setup will be sufficient, I’m fine with that… I don’t feel the need to make things perfect, so to speak.

But, if adding page rules would be a significant help, I’d like to take advantage of that.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!



A good Page Rule is to set Cache Level to “Cache Everything” and then Edge Cache to some length of time.

This is a good combination for pages and resources that rarely change. But keep in mind that if you’re using WordPress, or something where pages are different for different people, they should be left alone.

Bottom line, Page Rules come in handy after you’ve been using Cloudflare for a while and see where some performance needs to be customized.


Usually: none!

For developers like me, I set the dev/testing subdomains to almost zero benefit:

This way I can still develop a site update within the safety of CloudFlare and not get goofed up by it’s caching/etc.

Why do i get Error 520 for 24 hours after updating my website?
Not sure if cloudflare is working on subdomain

Thanks so much!

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