Best Page Rule For High Traffic News Portal

Can anyone help please ?
I have a WordPress News Portal , Monthly Visitor 7 to 10 Million .
I want my site perform supper faster.
but Admin/logged user never been catch during he/she is visiting site , We are publishing news each a minute sometimes we have to update some article if it has mistook , After update news or publish new article , public user would get update news in a 10 minute.

So can anyone suggest plz best page rule in Business Plan- cloud flare

Business plan? Great! You can do this:

With that many hits, you can lower Edge Cache TTL way down to maybe even 30 minutes, or whatever you think is acceptable for fresh content. You did mention 10 minutes.

I just noticed one of my cookie bypasses has an extra ‘s’ in wordpress. I need to double-check that one, but it’s probably a typo.

EDIT: yes, that’s a typo. I’ve disabled that rule because I use the below setup instead. With Workers KV, it’s even better!


Thanks a lot Sdayman…

I see in Business Plan minimum TTL 30 min, But I am prepare for 10min, How can I do It? does it have any way ?

If you don’t want to use the Page Rule method, the article I linked to shows a method that will auto-purge updated pages.

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