Best method for bulk redirects

I am looking at creating 1000 redirects, I was just going to create the redirects in the following manner:

domain name . com / redirects / randomstringoflettersandnumbers

Currently don’t have the domain where they will redirect to - those sites/places have yet been made.

If i understand correctly, via cloudflare I can only have 20 redirects.

Would you do it via your Webhost? via wordpress redirects?(but then in my understanding you have to create the pages/posts to forward them)

thanks for your help.

You could also use a Worker:

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I’m curious… what are these redirects for?

If these are affiliate link redirects or you need detailed click analytics at the individual link level, then you’d be better off doing this in your WordPress application… or even in a dedicated advertising link management platform (eg ClickMagic, Voluum, etc) if you don’t want to add any bloat to your WordPress site database.

No, you don’t need to create any WordPress pages/posts.

But you’ll need a WordPress link management plugin, and there are many of these out there, but free and paid: Search Results for “link tracking” |