Best mechanism for caching resources without disrupting ads display

I am copletely new in website developing and recently have built a website named but don’t know how to configure cache for external resources without creating problem in displaying ads.
I have read multiple articles containing caching contents can directly harm ads revenue. Apart from this, have experimented cache control headers of several sites, they all have “Dynamic” header. But why dynamic ??

I want to know about best available mechanisms for caching external resources without any issue.

Ads are usually from 3rd party sources, not cloudflare. So what are you talking about, I’m confused

Of course from third party sources but ads are generally shown in JPG or PNG format and cloudflare caches image file. So, what happens in this case ??

Try custom cache

How can I do this job ??? Why most of websites are using dynamic cache control header ??

Custom cache allows you to cache certain webpages, just put in the URL or URLS after logging into your cloudflare dashboard, click the domain you want, click caching, click configuration, then enter the URL or URLS you want to cache.

You are probably talking about page rules but as you know, cloudflare only provides 3 page rules per customer for free and if you want to set cache control for individual url then it is not possible. I want different mechanism, for instance, I will set caching resources for my root domain and another script will refreshes part of a page (ex. only the advertisement URLs) as demand.

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