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Hey All!
Im new to CloudFlare and i wanted to ask some advise, I have a site thats mainly going to be serving Australian and New Zealand customers, I am using Cloudflare and will be upgrading to the higher plan soon.

My questions are

1 - does any traffic come directly from my origin server to the client or is it all cloudflare <-> origin ?
2 - should my origin server location be closer to my customers or closer to a cloudflare pop?

Some advantages of moving my origin server overseas is cheaper data however if it does slow down the speed at which my users receive information I would rather pay more for a better customer experience

Here’s a recent thread that might help:

As for your questions:

  1. All traffic will go through Cloudflare, but Cloudflare has to get the content from your origin. Static files like images, CSS, and JS will stay cached for a while (from hours to days), but page code HTML will always pull from your origin each time unless you dive into the scary deep end of caching dynamic content.
  2. I’d host it close to the customers. Generally, there will also be a Cloudflare POP nearby, but that customer’s ISP might route elsewhere. Keeping the origin close to your customers make bad ISP routing less worse, and good ISP routing better.

All traffic will be proxied by Cloudflare. This means traffic will arrive at one of the Cloudflare’s edge first. If the resource is cached (images, static pages) then it will be served from there. If the resource is not cached yet or is dynamic Cloudflare will then connect to the origin to fetch that.

Based on that you should consider your origin being closer to both your customer and a Cloudflare POP. For example I have my own server colocated with a DC in Auckland that peers with Cloudflare through one of the Auckland exchanges so traffic between Cloudflare and the origin server is quick.

If you use an overseas server your main users will have quick access to cached content but anything else (in special dynamic content) will still have to go overseas, regardless. So keep it closer to the POP where most users will be connecting to. Also enable Argo Argo Smart Routing | Dynamic Content | Cloudflare

You can use any provider that go through either the NZIX Citylink NZIX or New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc Peering – NZIX

Be aware that Spark does not peer with Cloudflare as per policy so you should not host with a provider that uses the Spark network to your origin.

I am not sure “cheaper data” is always the case. Usually “cheaper data” comes with problems related to customer service, different timezones causing deployment problems, etc.


thank you both you have answered my questions perfectly.

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If you can ask (a sample of) your users to navigate to you’ll get an idea of the Cloudflare datacenter they’ll be hitting, depending on your chosen plan.

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