Best database region for Cloudflare Workers?

I’m gonna migrate my site’s domain and also even its hosting from Github to Cloudflare at some point with a huge update to transform the site from statically rendered to a server-rendered one (at least some parts of it) using Cloudflare Workers.

Basically, I’m currently setting up my database backend in which I’d store everything on a Google Cloud VM Instance.

But the problem I’m facing is the GCP region with the least latency to choose for the Cloudflare Workers. I’m only limited to use 1 region for now. And I honestly don’t know which is the best. Also, most of my users are from the US if it matters.

It’s kinda hard to change or migrate the region later so I’m asking here and hopefully I’d get an answer.

Thanks for your time!

So in your case it won’t really matter, Cloudflare has backbone and Points of Presence (PoPs) all over North America.

Us west, central, and east are all safe bets. Measure the difference if it really matters to you