Best Cloudflare migration strategy

Hi Everyone,

I need to introduce Cloudflare on a specific subdomain (e.g. to perform request throttling and block attackers on my public APIs but I would like to leave most of my current DNS configuration ( and many others similar to this) as it is (it is currently managed on AWS and I use a lot of APIs for automation). What’s the best strategy in your opinion to do that? I know there are APIs on Cloudflare but I would like to adopt Cloudflare in a transparent way, without affecting the existing infrastructure too much from the beginning.


The quickest solution would be a CNAME setup, where you enable only the specific subdomain and leave everything else at AWS. This requires a Business (200$/month) or Enterprise plan.

The alternative would be to simply move completely, configure everything to the best possible state and then actually switch name servers. You could still not use the proxy for most records and use it only for the specific one you need protection to the API.

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