Best cloudflare feature for protect site of scraping?


i have on site enabled Cloudflare but when i try open site with simple datacenter proxy, i opened without problem, when i try open this site they block at first request, as i can see they also use Cloudflare, i curiuous how i can do same or what is the best way for protect site of scraping?

thank you.

That looks like a login screen:

Is that what you’re seeing?

no, i see other response, they blocked at first request and return notice like my proxy is blacklisted etc. when i try open my site i can normal open

Please post a screenshot of that.

That’s not a good user experience if it completely blocks regular users from the site.

Could this be Super Bot action in Wild?

That’s highly unlikely. I’ve not heard of Super Bot Fight Mode blocking regular browsing.

The OP is using a datacenter Proxy.
Getting Blocked on Imginn but passed on his own website.
So maybe Cloudflare could be blocking via Firewall etc.

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