Best CF services at the edge to access rarely visited files but often updated?


We have a e-commerce website with may be ~15.000 files
Each time a price/title/quantity change, we regenerate all the pages impacted, so this can happen every 2/3 minutes.

Most of theses pages are rarely visited, but we would like to be stored at the edge (~200 PoP) to offer the best TTFB for theses files.

What is the best CF service to do this ?

  • CF Workers add a useless layer (V8 isolation machine) but permit to use KV or Cache API… but, KV have « cold keys » system so it’s not match our need, and Cache API seems to be limited to the current requested edge only.

  • CF Pages seems a good performance option, but we can’t manage 404 / 301 easily ( ideally, if we can invoke a Worker when there is a 404 could be really useful to manage all 301 / 404 redirections )

If you have another ideas/services/suggestions!
Thank you!

EDIT: May be CF Workers that fetching a .html file on R2 storage (beta) ?

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