Best Cache Settings for Free Users

Iam a New user who has just registered my website with cloudflare. however. the page speed is still 8-10 seconds.

I saw full catching will also store admin passwords and comment related password catching.

What are some page rules for Free users to speedup websites.

please provide the details one as Iam not a technical developer. Just use wordpress and aware of few clicks.

Complex caching requires more technical understanding and isn’t that easy. Cloudflare’s default setup is pretty good, but WordPress is dynamic and can’t easily be cached. If your WP site is slow, it’s because:

  1. Your server can’t serve pages that fast (You should already be using a Caching plugin)
  2. Your site includes a lot of slow third party resources.

What’s the domain?

But still can we some how cache static HTML without caching of Passwords etc in wpadmin or comments?

Pls help in making it faster as it is too slow in America and Europe

Domain is

Thanks in advance

Most resources from your domain load pretty quickly. It looks like your homepage can be cached safely with a Page Rule to match: and settings for Cache Level: Cache Everything, and Edge Cache TTL of 1 day (or however long you want before content updates).

Your page has a lot of resources and it’s just a lot for a browser to do in a short amount of time. I suggest you check out Cloudflare’s Browser Insights in the Speed section of the dashboard. It may show you some real world statistics. And here’s a page test:

Here are more specific suggestions:

Both Pingdom and gtmetrix are not in sync

Pingdom is showing same page in America at 3 seconds and Asia 2 seconds

Gtmetrix always shows 2 seconds extra.

Which one to believe

2nd- will only full caching of home page going to help? I want all static content of all.pages to be cached.

If it can’t be done, I think free cloudflare is not helping me at all.

You are getting a bad score on Leverage browser caching

Because of third party assets (content which is not hosted by your host). So, make a backup of your site and remove all of those external elements & test it again, you’ll see that score go up dramatically.

In total, right now there’s 11 from pinterest & 3 from google, none of which you can do anything about the way they cache things.

But how cloud flare is helping it’s free users if it is not caching .

Pls share the settings to cache all static pages so that they can be delivered through nearby servers and load on host can be removed.

What can be the disadvantage of cache all ?


What you need to understand is that they do cache stuff for free users.

This is why when you enter in your dns records, those records point to the host on which your domain is hosted, they don’t point to anybody else’s site, what you’ve signed up for is service for content hosted on your domain, nobody elses… After you get it configured, cloudflare crawls your site and grabs a copy of static content to host on their end.

One other thing I would suggest is to use something like this. This way your visitors browsers have to make far fewer requests for js/css files.

And if any css or js gives you errors/issues when merging them, you can simply choose not to add them in to it.

*Ability to manually ignore scripts or css.

Last question
Cloudflare donot cache your static HTML

What is the safest page rule to add caching of all static HTML without exposure to saved passwords pages caching

Kindly suggest best page rule for free users to cache static pages html etc


I have been dealing with slow Wordpress websites and Cloudflare earlier, so allow me to post a few suggestions. As noted by others in this post, Cloudflare will not cache your “pages”, but will cache static assets (jpg, css, js etc), which will improve performance slightly. Cloudflare will not cache “pages” by default, as that means it might cache user-specific dynamic pages also (like in WP). It also means you would not be able to update any pages without flushing the Cloudflare cache every time. Remember, creating just ONE new page in WP might cause the menu to shift across ALL pages, and might affect plugins also.

A) My main suggestion to you is to use a WP Cache plugin (perhaps you already are?). One of the main reasons WP is slow, is because of all the processing and database requests for each page request, which may cause slow output from the server. A WP cache plugin will create static cache fragments for all your pages, and since it’s native to your WP installation, it knows when pages get updated and the cache needs to get cleared. This will speed up the page output from your server tenfold, and is crucial for all WP websites that are on shared hosting.

Also, even if you are using Cloudflare PAGE-caching (see next point), Cloudflare won’t cache your pages on ALL their CDN servers, and will frequently flush the cached items. Therefore, you will always have requests that go directly to your origin server, regardless of Cloudflare caching or not. Therefore, you need to take action to optimize page speed directly from your server, regardless of Cloudflare, and the best way to get started with that, is by using a WP cache plugin.

B) If you really want to get serious about caching your pages on Cloudflare, it is tricky business, but definitely possible. There are a few ways to go about this, but the easiest way would be:

  1. Create a page-rule to A) “cache everything” and B) Edge Cache TTL “1 week” (for example).
  2. Create page-rules (before the one above) which excludes /wp-login.php* and /wp-admin* from being cached.
  3. You will also need to make sure your WP pages don’t display “logged in” user top bar. I’m not sure if that is a default option in WP these days, but it can definitely be achieved with a plugin.

When pages then get cached on the Cloudflare CDN, they will be served lightning-fast to the visitor. Keep in mind, the page may or may not exist on a specific Cloudflare CDN, so you will still get loads of requests to your origin server. It will definitely benefit a percentage of your requests. Perhaps most importantly, every time you now edit your website, you will need to flush the Cloudflare cache for your website … you might be able to flush a single page, but if the change you made affects menus or plugins, you may need to flush your entire Cloudflare cache.

Personally, I have used BOTH the above in combination to optimize WP page load speed. Outputting the main html document as fast as possible is by far the most crucial aspect of getting your WP pages loading fast for visitors. There are dozens of other factors to consider, usually reported (and often exaggerated) by website performance tools.


Dear team
Page rules given are not for free users

Bypass proxy is only available for paidone.

How can we cache all data without login or password pages?

there’s no free way to do it. Alternatively if you know javascript you can write a cloudflare worker to do same bypass cache on cookie feature as biz plans but cloudflare workers cost money too

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