Benefits of replacing nameservers of cloudflare on hosting

Hi, I am about to replace the my hosting’s nameservers with cloudflare nameservers. What are the main benefits of replacing the nameservers? Can I attach cloudflare directly to my website without replacing the hosting nameservers?

No, you cannot use Cloudflare without changing the nameservers. The reason why is because Cloudflare is a proxy which means DNS requests need to return their servers rather than your own. With them controlling the DNS requests it allows for them to always serve the best servers.

As for the benefits, Cloudflare can dramatically improve performance and security. Alongside DDoS protection and nice products like Cloudflare Workers.

Business or Enterprise customers may opt for CNAME setup where customers can retain their existing nameservers and just point their CNAME to Cloudflare CDN domain. But I would say this is a sort of a niche requirement.

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