"." being removed from CNAME Target

I have set up multiple CNAMEs where the Target ends with a “.”
e.g. bounces.mail-us.atlassian.net.

The Cloudflare software is removing the “.” at the end resulting in failed records.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

That’s normal. The . at the end doesn’t need to be entered when using the Cloudflare dashboard so it’s removed if you use it.


Set the record to DNS only :grey:

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I thought that might be the case, but it doesn’t explain why the records are failing

I already have. It makes no difference if it’s proxied or not.

If you could provide the error message and hostname for your CNAME, we could offer more precise suggestions.

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For more context, I am attempting to set up the below DNS records from Atlassian. All the CNAME records are giving the error “The value for this CNAME record is missing from your domain provider”.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 122131

| Type | Name | Content | Status |
| --- | --- | --- | ---|
| CNAME | atlassian-9a0a38._domainkey.realtyassist.com.au | atlassian-9a0a38.dkim.atlassian.net. | FAIL |
| CNAME | atlassian-37a9bf._domainkey.realtyassist.com.au | atlassian-37a9bf.dkim.atlassian.net. | FAIL |
| CNAME | atlassian-bounces.realtyassist.com.au | bounces.mail-us.atlassian.net. | FAIL |
| TXT | xdomain.com.au | atlassian-sending-domain-verification=a6ba0f56-fbd7-4997-948a-9f5e72da5c4b | PASS |

Your CNAMEs are resolving.

In the first two cases, the names they point to (like atlassian-9a0a38.dkim.atlassian.net) don’t exist.

In the third, the name it points to has only an MX record, so it won’t resolve to an IP address but it does work.


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