Being denied access to websites using cloudflare protection service (Need help from cloudflare staff!)

Help, I am a real human being. I am currently using your warp service, I am recently trying to access (using Cloudflare ddos protection) and I am being constantly denied access, I am constantly getting an error 1020. I have a very interesting theory as to why I am constantly getting this error, I have a lot of emails, like a 100 thousand emails in my gmail, and recently I tried to archive and move all of them, could this be it? Did you guys think I was trying to ddos google, lol. Someone who works for Cloudflare please help me!!! I am going crazy, I am not a hacker and I’m not trying to ddos anyone. Please someone who works for Cloudflare email me!!!

You need to work with the owners of Cloudflare does not control the end-user settings.


You’re not the first person to be blocked while using WARP. Ultimately, as @Cyb3r-Jak3 said, only the Agar people can explain what setting they used that’s blocking you. This is found in the Firewall Events Log. If you can contact them and tell them the Ray ID from that 1020 screen, they should easily be able to track it down. I’d sure love to know what setting is doing this.

This is assuming that if you’re not using WARP that you can connect to their site. Have you tried this?


No, even with off and no specific settings/ports/firewalls blocked, it still blocking me!!! I think cloudflare legitimately thinks I’m a hacker.

Again, this isn’t Cloudflare that has anything against you. It’s a security setting added by the site owner. Most likely a Firewall Rule based on ISP or Geography.

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I understand, but this was not happening before!

No new firewall rules, ISP, or geography

I periodically review logs of my site and make firewall adjustments based on data I hadn’t seen or noticed before.

The site owner told you this?

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No, I did not contact them. I guess I should, but I am skeptical they blocked something new.

Make sure to include the Ray ID from the 1020 screen so they can look it up in their logs.


Ok, I have a feeling the customer support is going to be clueless though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hey, one more weird question, do you know off the top of your head some websites that use cloudflare ddos protection?

I want to see if there are other websites that are blocking me too while I have no firewall filter thingys

Oh, one more really important thing I forgot to mention, sometimes refreshing the page works, and sometimes it doesn’t

A 1020 error means that the site owner has set a firewall rule that blocks you via Cloudflare. The only people who can help you are the site owner as they have the logs to find the rule that blocked you and know what rules they have. Checking against other sites with Cloudflare protection is not a valid test as different sites can have different rules. The best way forward is to work with the site owners. If they are confused as to why you are blocked then they can create a discussion on this forum.


Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

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