Being charged for duplicate dedicated SSL certificates

Ok, so, somehow I was purchasing a dedicated SSL certificate for one of my domains and the first order attempt failed (I got a random error when confirming the order), so I tried for a second time, and it succeeded.

I thought nothing of it until I received a bill from Cloudflare yesterday charging for two dedicated SSL certificates…

I went to the crypto page to check this out and could confirm I had two certificates there. They are the following:


The thing is that I can’t seem to remove one of them. If I delete one certificate and re-order only 1, I get both back… So I need someone to remove this for me (probably someone from billing @ Cloudflare?).


It’s normal to have two certificates. Those that you listed are two different types of certificates for different situations. I have a free Universal Shared SSL with three types of certificates:

For billing issues, open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support using the “Get More Help” button.

I’m aware that having more than one is normal, my point is: I don’t want (or need) more than one. I’ll open a support ticket to see if they can get the extra certificate removed :slight_smile: