Being blocked by CloudFlare

The school IP is being blocked by CloudFlare

Just trying to find out the reason why. Don’t know if there’s a RBL somewhere I can just check.

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Nothing at Project Honeypot:

Is it just one site, or a bunch?

Typically, it’s a 1020 due to the security settings chosen by a site owner.

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We had multiple sites all not working - was one. I also checked other block lists and didn’t find any reputation issues. I have a ticket also open with support. Thank you!

Are you getting a hard block (probably the 1020), or some sort of challenge page?

If you get this on a site where you can easily contact the owner, they should be able to check their Firewall Event Activity Log for your IP address to see what setting is blocking it.

We just started having trouble at our district yesterday with this. No humans available to ask.

Multiple sites are getting the Captcha challenge page at our school district as well. There are too many people to contact considering the number of sites that are blocked (challenged). The owners keep pointing back to us as having the problem and they are not changing anything. TimeClock PLus is one example and NearPod is another.

Justin, we too are having this issue. School district as well. My support ticket got a robo reply pointing me to this community.

What’s the ticket #? And did you also include your IP address in the ticket?

If I were to guess, if you’re like the OP’s campus, you have a ton of requests all coming from a single IP address which may look like an attack. Or, at least, unnatural traffic from a single IP address.

We are not customers of CloudFlare, but we are getting the Captcha screen all over the district when accessing various sites protected by CloudFlare. No humans are available by phone, and the support email is not read by humans. I wanted to get our IPs whitelisted, but am not sure how to do that. I went to the HoneyPot site to look up our IPs, but they were not listed. This Captcha screen is wreaking havoc across the district for teachers and students having to prove they are not robots. Any advice on how to make this stop? I did check our IPs on blacklists and did not find them on those lists.

Ticket #2270564. Yes, I did include the IPs. And, no, we do not just have one IP, there are about ten public IPs that we use. How can we make sure they are not flagged? This is a real mess for teachers and students. This started for us yesterday, like Justin.

The ticket is 2269770 and I included the IP

We think we isolated the infect machine and temporarily changed the schools external IP address to another number. Until the reputation of the original IP recovers, I don’t think there’s a quick fix to get CloudFlare from blocking it. Most ISP will give business customers a block of IPs so this may be a solution for you as well. You’d need to discuss the option with your network administrator / engineer. Ideally, having multiple subnets for clients (staff/students/guests/teacher/etc) with multiple individual IPs prevents the entire network from becoming blacklisted. Unfortunately for this school, they all share the one IP at the moment.

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I am the network admin. We have two ISPs, so our traffic comes from multiple IP addresses. We could change our IP pool again, but we have an app or two that only allow traffic from specific IP pools (time clock is an example so people don’t cheat with clocking in). I need to go back to our Security Analyst and ask if he noticed anything that would get us blacklisted, and make sure it gets cleaned up.

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