Being attacked relentlessly

Hey guys. I upgraded to PRO, enabled WAF and as many blocks/challenges as I could towards the spammers (who seem to just be using a GET request on my homepage).

I checked my firewall and surely, over 100k are being challenged/blocked/JS’d, yet, it seems my server is still taking a toll. I’ve contacted Cloudflare about this yesterday to no avail in response, but I still cannot get my site up! Any help would be deeply appreciated

The first thing to determine is whether the requests hitting your server are actually going through Cloudflare. Whats the domain?

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I’m 99% sure it’s all through cloudflare, is there any way I could provide you with that information as a definite without giving you the domain?

Thank you

anyway until you verify your domain, I recommend you to also enable rate limiting its not free but best tool against layer 7

i have same issues too . i need help

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