Behavior when DNS entry pointing to another anycast ip

What is the behavior when a proxied dns entry is configured to point to an anycast ip, eg a traffic manager ip from Azure.
My expectation is that each cloudflare edge datacenter would connected to the nearest, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

In theory, this is what I would expect would happen, unless you are using Argo.

But, I’m not clear if each Cloudflare node does a separate DNS lookup (which would break some types of anycast, but not all) or if the DNS lookup is completed centrally and all nodes construct TCP connections to that same target IP.

That expectation should be about right, assuming you mean “the nearest to Cloudflare’s PoP”.

First, you’d need to find out to which PoP you are connecting to. Then, similarly to Cloudflare’s anycast routing, it highly depends on how Cloudflare’s datacentre routes to that IP address. That should be the “nearest” location, but - like in Cloudflare’s case - does not necessarily have to be that case.

Do you have a test URL and how do you establish where Cloudflare connects to?

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