Beginner Question about DNS

Hi everyone, I’ve been using the basic Cloudflare plan with argo for my website. I recently migrated from EasyWP managed hosting to Hostinger’s cloud hosting. Everything has worked smoothly. However, I had to change the DNS to point to hostinger to get my website to work.

My domain is with namecheap and they own EasyWP so I was able to select my domain while still having my DNS point to Cloudflare. This was not the case with hostinger. I’m not planning on transferring the domain either.

How do I have my namecheap domain DNS point to Cloudflare while being hosted with hostinger?

Are you saying that you updated your nameservers at your registrar (Namecheap) to use Hostinger nameservers instead of the Cloudflare nameservers you were using, and you want to know how to switch them back to Cloudflare without disrupting your site on Hostinger?

If so, the answer should be to simply update the Cloudflare DNS records in your zone to use your Hostinger addresses in the relevant records. That is normally all that is required to change hosts in the first place. Directions that suggest changing to the hosting providers DNS servers are typically written to minimize support costs since they can point to their documentation on how to manage your DNS in their platform.

If you know what address your site is being served from, it’s just as easy to update your own DNS without messing about changing name servers at your registrar.

Don’t forget to update your DNS servers back to your Cloudflare assigned DNS servers at the registrar once you have your Hostinger info in your Cloudflare DNS zone configuration.

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