Beginner please

My domain registrar is Godaddy & my hosting provider is Hostinger. Now tell me how can I submit my site to cloudflare? Even I do not want to loose any contact either from hostinger or GoDaddy.
I need a fully explaination article or video on this topic please help.

There is no chance of losing contact with domain registrar or hosting, you are free to use any nameservers.

Part 1.

Step 1. Go to Host control panel > DNS
Step 2. Take a screenshot of existing records or write in the notepad. I will tell you below why.
Step 3. If you are using WordPress, I would recommend keeping Cloudflare plugin activated in advanced.

Part 2

  • Login to Cloudflare
  • Add your domain name, wait one min for DNS crawling
  • If you see any record missing by chance (a rare case), use screenshot / note you took in step 2 of part 1.
  • Update suggested nameservers of Cloudflare and wait sometimes.
  • Cloudflare will automatically adjust best SSL settings as per origin.
  • If you experience any problem, feel free to write again.