Beginner: How do I make my own custom domain? (Static IP?)

Hi there,

I am a beginner when it comes to DNS and IP and I want to ask the following:

→ How do I create my own custom domain, such as

I am learning how to build mobile web apps and I would like to have a custom domain for my games.
In the past few days I have been reading through the Cloudflare learning center. From what I understand,
it would be possible to setup my own custom domain if I have a static IP that I can configure my DNS with.
Have I understood this correctly?

The very first thing you’ll need is a registered domain. You can register them here for the lowest price, or other places such as Gandi and Porkbun. I use all three, though recommend the two I named because they have the most flexibility, which you may need when starting out.

Beyond that, you can host a basic static site using Pages for free:

If you’re talking about hosting something at your static IP address, that means you have some sort of webserver setup, and that would work as well (as long as it’s permitted by the ISP you’re using).

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Thanks for such an incredibly fast reply,

I will look into those other option for sure!

Regarding my question, well, I am building a progressive web app based on MERN stack, and I would like to be able to access it via https://some.appname, in a similar fashion to how framework laptops domain is which I think is really neat. I am currently using Heroku to host my app and that is the first SaaS I have learnt to use. Do you think this sounds possible to do?

Another example would be a website with a domain based on my own name, which would be eg. hjal.mar. If mar doesn’t exist as a predefined TLD. Is it still possible for me to achieve this?
I am looking into making a personal website to use here and test Cloudflare workers with remix run.

My apologies if I missunderstood and became redundant.

I am going to read through the page on configuring DNS in herokus dev center.

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I now understand that one cannot create TLDs on ones own, so that closes this thread.

Technically, you can create your own public TLD by applying for it with ICANN and paying the 185k fees amongst many other steps.

These super cool domain name hacks like or are usually just existing TLDs (.works or .gl) that “by accident” make for a really good domain name.

The above answer from @sdayman is a really good starting point for getting your site up with existing TLDs though.


Yeah, I was starting to understand this what you are saying.

Thank you to both of you for replying to my noob question.

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