Before I start - 4 simple newby questions

1 – Approx. how long will it take for my intended new site to become active after I complete the sign-up.

2 – Is there a PayPal plug-in(?) that will allow visitors to my site to make payments to me (I’d provide a routing # and account #)? PLEASE NOTE: I know I can pay Clouflare using PayPal. This is the opposite.

3 – Is there a plug-in(?) that can allow visitors to my site to register their names, addresses and other useful info like reminders to help identify them when they forget their passwords? This would presumably be integrated with item 2.

4 – Is there some form of WordPress integration, and/or other social media integration?

MANY THANKS for your hoped for replies! - Geoffrey Daniel

Your site already has to be active (including HTTPS) before you can set it up on Cloudflare. seems to have something

That’s something that needs to be done on your website.

This as well, though might also have something.

Overall you seem to be not too familiar with what Cloudflare is and what it does. I’d strongly recommend to check out and use the search here on the forum as well.

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