Before changing my DNS

Hello and good day!
I have dedicated server with private combination of DNS and i want to use CF for my main account.
since am providing webhosting for my clients and their domain DNS is routed to my private name server, am afraid if i change my DNS they loose access to their websites, right?

so what to do ?

my domain now use ( ns1+ns2 ) and my clients also use this, if i change it to CF they still able to get their website running?
Excuse my English please.

You can move your domain without problems and you can still configure A records for your nameservers on Cloudflare pointing to your actual nameservers.

What you should not do is configure custom nameservers on Cloudflare, as this would likely redirect your nameserver records away from your nameservers to Cloudflare’s, upon which your customers will actually lose access.

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Thank you very much.
I will add only A record for my both DNS inside CF.
without changing server DNS or Zone at WHM.

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