Before add site

I’m not sure what if there would be any consequence(s) to my existing site by performing the ‘Add Site’ operation. I’m here looking for some guidance.

Current setup

  1. The domain name is registered at godaddy
  2. A sub domain is routed to an azure traffic manager
  3. From there it uses the performance metric to determine nearest region where there is a load balancer to backend servers

I would like to, if possible replace the azure traffic manager with Cloudflare.

If i add my site to Cloudflare, will there be a change to my aforementioned setup?

Thank you for the help.

“Add Site” is to add a different domain to your Cloudflare account. What you’re describing sounds like adding a DNS entry for the subdomain to an existing Cloudflare-serviced domain.

It sounds like you want to use Cloudflare’s Load Balancing feature with Geo Routing:

Thank you so much for your quick reply.

So just for my own sanity, adding the site will not affect my current dns/routing setup?

My assumption was that you’re already using Cloudflare for your domain:, and it’s set to :orange:. If that’s the case, your current website,, will be unaffected.

I’m not sure how you currently have DNS configured for Did you delegate the subdomain over to Azure? Normally a subdomain is just another DNS entry here with one IP address for the server that hosts that subdomain.

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