Been waiting a week and my domain is still not live

If tried to delete it and redo the whole process again but it just stays in pending, can anyone help?

Hello there,

Was it active? If it shows in pending in Dashboard, it isn’t a issue, you may ignore the warning, unless it’s not protecting your site. Read here:

im trying to add it to my high level account, but it says it couldnt find CNAME

Does not seem to be related to the above issue.

well i dont know what the issue is thats why im asking, i see most people that have their domain live have A, AAA, CNAME and i dont seem to have that i only have one A and one CNAME, i dont if thats the issue

That’s correct. There’s no issue in that or not having AAAA records. Your site can run with IPv4 by adding A record. If you think you missed any steps in case, check this guide again.
If your site is still not live, make sure you’ve added a correct typo of nameservers at your registrar. By the way, what’s the site?

i dont see any errors on the domain, fyi the name of the domain is yogiwaymedia .com, i checked the guide and everything is in place but its still pending and wont let me add it to my website

You have not changed the nameservers at your registrar.


You will find a link to Google Domains guide under Provider-specific instructions on the following page.


ok i had them but it wasnt active, i think is active now

thanks so much for the help! Finally managed to get it

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