Been added as a user, Can't see DNS settings

Hi everyone
Cloudflare interface is very confusing and - even if I’ve been added as a user to my client’s account - I can’t see any of her settings.

I need to access her DNS settings.

Anybody can help me?

Can you get to them through this link?

If not, then likely your permissions haven’t been set up properly to do so. Make sure you have been given “DNS” permissions for the account or “Domain DNS” for the domain.

As a user with “admin” permissions, if I click on that link I don’t see anything. I’m supposed to see the list of my client’s domains but I don’t see anything.

Double check the user has actually given you account-level administrator permissions (get a screenshot from them).

You can also check that they actually have their domain in this account (so they can see their domain if following the magic link I gave you). You’d be suprised how many people create a new account for a domain they already have in another.

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