Bedrock and Java server redirect minecraft

I am currently running a minecraft server and would like to make it so that users in the serveradrsss field can type in my subdomain and join , the thing is i did and java users can join my server however with the help of geyser i set it up so bedrock users can also join , i am aware how the 2 versions use different protocols , java with udp and bedrock with tcp, java works just fine with the subdomain , redirecting to the server with the port however , the bedrock version doesnt , if i were to type in the server adress of the bedrock version whcih uses tcp i am also obligated to fill in the port field which still remains the one java uses in this case 25619 so basically no matter what i do the redirect/connection fails due to the srv record or the records in general , if i were to use in the server adrsss the server ip adress ( meaning 56.3.343 u know etc… ) and in the port 25619 it would work just fine but i want to be using the subdomain in the server adresss , so how do i do that?

Firstly, Java Edition uses TCP. I’m guessing Bedrock uses UDP and you just muddled them up - side note: kinda surprised by the UDP usage

Secondly, omitting the port will use the default port. For Java Edition this is 25565. For Bedrock the default port appears to be 19132
If you run your server on port 25565 then Java will connect as it will default to that port. Bedrock as mentioned though will default to 19132 meaning it won’t be able to connect.

What you probably should do is make an SRV record, name it like bedrock and point to your port. That way bedrock users can connect to without needing to add the port.

Additionally, you could just make bedrock users add :25565 to the end of the address, this should also work.

I am aware of that , I already know that leaving it without the port will default it to 2565 however my server host provides with a different port thus I can’t do the trick for the java version

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