Becoming a Cloudflare partner

I have not received any response from Cloudflare regarding my questions. Actually they refer me to the community platform, so I ask my questions here.

I am interested in partnering with Cloudflare and have a few questions.
How much does the partnership cost? Do I have to pay a fee to become a Cloudflare partner?
What are the requirements to become a partner?

Other than that, I have one last question:

I want to offer a security solution against DDOS attacks based on Cloudflare’s solutions. Is this allowed or am I only allowed to resell Cloudflare’s solutions?

Are you saying you applied through the Partner Portal, and they told you to ask the Community?

No I haven’t applied yet because I wanted these questions answered first. Do you think I should just apply anyway?

You should probably read everything in the link I provided.

I’ve already read all that and other stuff I found about the partner program, but unfortunately that doesn’t really help me with my questions.

Sounds like you want to whitelabel Cloudflare DDoS solution. I think this is possible, but of course I’m not a Cloudflare staff hence I can’t confirm this.

How did you contact them? Did you email to [email protected]?

From my experience, no fee is required to become a Cloudflare partner, at least in my region (APAC). Things might be different in EMEA or AMER regions, so be sure to contact [email protected] if you haven’t do so.

Check out page number 10-15 in

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