Beacon.min.js connection refused

I tried setting up Cloudflare web analytics using the automatic method and something isn’t working. Using Chrome to load I get this in the console: GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

For Content-Security-Policy I have

  • script-src ... *;
  • connect-src ...;

In this related post, I see a comment from @M4rt1n about verifying the hash. The automatic setup’s embedding is,

<script defer src="" integrity="sha512-jGCTpDpBAYDGNYR5ztKt4BQPGef1P0giN6ZGVUi835kFF88FOmmn8jBQWNgrNd8g/Yu421NdgWhwQoaOPFflDw==" data-cf-beacon='{"rayId":"7e461d75ebfff062","version":"2023.4.0","r":1,"token":"62f602f55f2f471cae1864184be5939a","si":100}' crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

The hash matches the output from @M4rt1n’s tool.

I’d appreciate any help. I’m looking to use this as a replacement for Google Analytics 4, which I find unusable for basic information.

Thanks for using my (old) tools :smiley:

My first request to the URL was not returning the proper content. So could be a temporary issue on Cloudflare site. When the hash is not matching with what your browser gets, it will reject it.

Please give it another try, if it fails please let it be activated on the page, so we can test from ourside.
Also trying different browsers, might help detecting temporary bugs in browsers.

Thanks! Checking again now, there is no error, and I see results coming through in my Cloudflare dashboard.

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It could be the case of Cloudflare updating the files so they do not match, if cached somewhere.
Nice to hear, it is working now!

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