Beacon code twice in source code

i am very now to cloudflare and i realized that the beacon is now used twice. A few days ago it was only used one in the source code

Any ideas?

Darn it. For a moment, I thought you said “bacon” code.

That looks like your site’s code. How did you add it in the first place?

i just enabled cloudflare with the most common recommended settings.
funnywise, now i have the beacon code only once in my code (without changinbg anything… strange behavior

I am having this exact same issue. What things you have changed in Cloudlfare dashboard to show it once?

The same problem, I just enabled the cf rocket loader.

i haven’t change anything. Now i have it again twice in my code.
Don’t have rockeloader activated.

Well, I don’t use rocket loader as well but I think this is coming from Cloudflare Analytics and not rocket loader. But I don’t understand why it is getting loaded twice in the source code?

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