Be able to organise large amount of domains

As a Cloudflare user, it’s currently not possible to effectively manage lots of domains in a way which doesn’t create an abnormal level of confusion which I believe can be minimised. I don’t think search is enough for this.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my Cloudflare experience because it would make it possible to organise the domains I own in my own way which allows me to quickily and easily categorise and identify speciific domains. As someone with 40 domains, it’s not the best to quickly look at a group of domains for example for their analytics.

To be more specific, I’m looking at being able to, tag, folder and generally organise the list of domains and allow those identifiers to be used to look at doing a single task all at once, for example, being able to view the analytics of all of the domains with the tag “ClientA”.

I’d love to see what feedback people have to this. Hopefully, this is good enough as a first post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are already several of these types of requests in this section. For example:

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Yeah tagging and organising domains would be nice. But if it’s just analytics in aggregate you need to look at and not per site zone domain, there’s the Analytics feature in domain drop down list