BBC news site not working correctly with Warp+

Any body else having a problem with bbc news site? It loads very slowly and doesn’t render correctly - or maybe it’s using styling intended for slow connections/devices. I am in the UK on three mobile, using iphone 11 pro max with latest OS patches

Hi @davidhowesuk,

I dont see any difference with WARP enabled/disabled on the

Can you screenshot the page with Warp enabled and with it disabled?

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Looks fine with Warp switched off. I made sure that I cleared the cache after changing Warp from on to off.

It can be a bit intermittent. Sometimes when I change to Warp, the page renders OK, although the page will render with ads - so presumably my ip is either being seen as non-uk or some other VPN detection mechanism is kicking in

With ads

With Warp off

Hmm… Somewhat difficult to troubleshoot that kind of thing on mobile!

Perhaps @matteo or @sdayman have some iOS troubleshooting tips, otherwise please hit the :wbug: and let the team know. Please provide screenshots there :slight_smile:

This looks like when I’ve visited it from my Deskop with an incognito browser through my VPN. It looks like a site with Mixed Content. And this only happened on Somehow it’s seemed to clear up, but I don’t know if it’s due to something I changed.

I’ve not looked into troubleshooting it on iOS.

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Not really having a clue for iOS troubleshooting, it’s not really that easy. The bug to the team is the best idea to me…


O.K. I’ll raise a bug. Btw the screenshots where I was on were a result of me being redirected from - something that didn’t always happen. It seems like the issue occurred when I wasn’t redirected - or maybe some requests were getting redirected and some weren’t.

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