Batch Editing All Domain to Use HTTPS Always On?

I have a lot of websites behind Cloudflare’s excellent firewall system.
with google new update policy to use https,I want to change all my domain to https.But if I have to do all changes manually it will take a very long time, and there will be a high likelihood of mistakes being made.Solution of course is to use the Cloudflare API to make this all happen automatically. But unfortunately I cant make it work, and get me a Headache LOL,is there any solution to make it simple.Ive tried google it and cant found any solution.

Nope, there’s no simple solution that’s been posted. Not that it can’t be made simple.

Someone could write a fancy single-purpose script that pulls all your Zone IDs, then enables this feature.
Or they could write a very complicated interactive script that pulls all your Zone IDs, then asks you which feature to enable or disable.

But I feel your pain. Sometimes I want to implement (or turn off) a global change and I have to click through every single one of my domains.