Basic vs Pro accounts regarding SSL

Our host just installed and engaged a(nother) SSL cert which seems to have bumped us from a pro Cloudflare account back to basic. Previous country blocks seem to have stopped working and WAF are again calling for a Pro account. Hesitant to try it again.

FAQ are not clear for non-technical users. Does Pro require another cert and does the basic version ignore our previous blocks?

Your question is not very clear. What does a certificate on your server have to do with the account plan and with country blocks and WAF?

To answer the question, no the Pro plan does not require any of that sort.

Are you even on a regular Cloudflare plan or are you on a partner setup through your host? If it is the former, why is your host involved?

Update: Apparently changing plans down from Pro - however that happened - takes time to catch up the block and WAF reporting. It’s back in real time now.

Original question remains - there is some ambiguity in the documentation as to how Cloudflare handles SSL certs between plans, and apparently if/when Dreamhost alters their end it can affect Cloudflare.

What about addressing the questions?

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