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I need help with a DNS issue and so I want to sign up for a Basic subscription. But that option is grayed out (only business and enterprise are available). Why?

Also, what does the basic plan offer? I have a WordPress site for online violin lessons. How would this subscription help us? I’m (obviously) not a dev.


Not sure, if you are still having issues, can you attach a screenshot?

The free plan is where I start for most of my domains, it’s great and does what I need it to do with zero cost, scroll to the bottom of the select plan type page to select the free plan.

Let us know if that helps.

From being around the Community for a while, it seems customers generally get started with a free plan to accelerate site performance and protect against attacks.

I have a free plan, but I’m trying to get customer support, so I want to sign up for Pro.

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We may be able to help you get started here, although on any plan type can always get support for account, billing and registrar issues.

thanks. I’m having a problem with the home page of my website. WPengine thinks it’s dns related. So I’m trying to resolve this issue. Perhaps I should post this as a separate topic…


Ah, got it and thank you.

Sometimes we see situations where a domain was using a provider like wpengine or shopify. Then, the domain was abandoned/shop was shut down. Then, someone else buys the domain and wants to add it to Cloudflare directly or to another provider, like shopify. But, old DNS records linger and prevent the site from being active. Does this sound similar to your situation?

The Solution

If so, they vendor that used Cloudflare for SaaS is responsible for removing the records, but they don’t always do that. Short of Support, you can use this community tool “Liberate the hostname” to solve the problem. A few thousand other customers have used this successfully. Here are a lot of details.

As I mentioned, this looks like a common issue where a previous provider used Cloudflare for SaaS and did not correctly remove the custom hostname for your site.

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