Basic SSL Setup Error Question (Hooking weebly and Cloudflare together)?



I want to add CloudFlare SSL security to my Weebly site for https. Weebly is the hoster and GoDaddy the registrar. I got https to work just fine with my site, but now when I try to publish updates to my site, Weebly says “It appears that your domain is not properly setup to display your website. Please follow the domain setup instructions, or if you already have, allow up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to propagate.”

What do I need to do to keep https working through CloudFlare and still be able to publish updates to my Weebly site?

Or is it not possible to accomplish this?

Thanks for any help!


I’m guessing that Weebly insists on being your DNS provider so they can update your IP address as needed and serve your site in the most optimal (for them) way possible.


Thanks for the insight. I found out that even though Weebly says it can’t publish the site, it actually does still publish the site. Glad to have this working.