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I’ve just signed up for the free account with the automatic platform optimization for $5mo. Is there a simple setup guide available? I can change the name servers to Cloudflare, but how & what do I update the name records? Also, how long is the propagation time? I attempted this yesterday and my website went offline until i changed the nameservers back to my host. Thanks in advance.

It can take 24 - 48 hours, usually it’s a lot faster.

The site will never be active if you’re not using clouflare nameservers.

The DNS records? Update them here if they did not import correctly,

What is the name of the domain?

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specialtouchcomputerservices dot com

Can you unpause cloudflare on your site? You’re bypassing cf at the moment.

next, your nameservers don’t show as propagated but the site shows as active in your account. Contact your registrar and ask them to change the nameservers back to the two from cloudflare.

both are now done -

also, I greatly appreciate your help with this.

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Thank you, happy to help. It looks like propagation is in process.

I see the invoices for APO, but it is not enabled on your dash.

To start with APO, you need to install the plugin and enable it in the dash,

Click the blue box on this card to install the plugin

done - installed the plugin to my WordPress dashboard, activated the plugin with email and API key, turn on Recommended Cloudflare Settings for WordPress

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Perfect, let us know how it works or if questions come up along the way.

do i need to add or change anything to the DNS records? or does the Worpdress plugin handle everything now?

The DNS records for your site were imported when you added it, the site loads and the records look ok. But, you do need to generate an API token for wordpress, that is described here, Activate the Cloudflare WordPress plugin · Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization docs

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