Basic Records For a Website & Emails


Forgive my ignorance.

What are the basic minimum records needed for a website to run and to have emails flowing flawlessly. I am using a VPS for hosting.

Thank you!

At a bare minimum, without knowing your use-case or setup:

A record for @ and www pointing to your website’s IP address (this is for your website).
A record for your mailserver’s IP address (for MX records to point to).
MX record pointing at your mailserver’s domain names (this is for inbound email).
TXT record containing the SPF record for your mailservers (this is for outbound email).

It’s extremely simplified but at a very fundamental level, that’d be the starting point.

If I try to do that, i am getting error messages of too many redirects. if i pause Cloudflare, the website is not sending any data.

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