Basic questions about image caching

  1. How do I tell if CF is caching my images? (.jpg/.png/gif). I have used other CDNs in the past, and if I inspect element to find the source of a image, it would be on the CDN domain like However, I have turned on caching with Cloudflare for few days now and all of my static images are still hosted on my site instead of

  2. When I purge all files, is there a progress bar of the new caching progress?

1, The URL does not change with Cloudflare DNS, it still points to your domain - only if the resource is cacheable (given your settings and page rules) - the Cloudflare will return a cached version to the user - instead of pulling the resource from your origin. The easiest check is to tale a look at the headers; eg. with curl

curl -I ""

you should see something like this:

cf-cache-status: MISS (or HIT)

that should give you an indication whether you are serving cached versions from cdn.

  1. i think there is not - the resources are cached as your users are accessing them
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