Basic Question About Cloudflare CDN Free

I have a very basic question about the free version of Cloudflare CDN. I am very new to it and have one question about the limitations of the free version.

I am trying to find where I saw it but I thought that the documentation for limitations on the free version said that it is limited to three web pages. Does that mean that I can register three separate domains or is that three actual web documents? Also, if it is three separate domains, period (any amount of content with specified download limitations), are subdomains considered separate (count towards the limitation of three) from the main domain?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

hmm, not in the cloudflare docs, there is not a limit on site pages. WRT number of domains/zones on your account, you can have thousands in any mix of plan type. Welcome & let us know as questions come up.

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you might be referring to 3 page rules not 3 web pages at


thank you, @eva2000, bet you’re right


Aha! Okay, just need to trust my brain a little less then. Thank you all!


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