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Hello everyone
In the past our ISP has always provided DNS services. Our new ISP does not and so we are using Cloudflare. My rather dumb question is this – since we do not host our own website (web server), we do not sell anything, or do not operate our own email server, what should I be doing to make sure that Cloudflare is doing what it is supposed to be doing for us. In other words, what do I need to do now (on a regular basis perhaps) that we are signed up for Cloudflare and they are our DNS service provider. Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks!


Do you have a domain name you’re adding to Cloudflare? Or are you just using the DNS service?


Our domain name for our informational school website is but is hosted by Our email domain is but that email is through a service called and so our MX records point there through Cloudflare but that is the extent of my ability to answer your question. Sorry I cannot be more complete.

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