BAS Gateway Error 502

Hi Experts,

Need to fix our issue.

Need to fix our issue.

We have a server and we use Cloudflare as DNS for our server. Individually our hosted server with a direct IP address is working perfectly.

But when we enabled DNS to resolve IP to name. It gives a Bad gateway error and many other errors after logging into the site.

Need expert advice on this

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Have you clicked :point_up_2: that yet?

Yes, Without Cloudflare the website is working fine,
But when enabled cloudflare , it gives random bad gateway error

What is the domain?

it is

It loaded an Odoo hosted sign in page for me through Cloudflare. I connected over Tor, which triggered Cloudflare Turnstile, but did not return any errors.

Let’s see what results others are able to share, so we can work from a larger sample.

This is the error, it comes during logout and sometimes in between the running.

and when we disable Cloudflare, it is working perfectly with IP.

Anyone have knowledge about it, Cloudflare support team is not responding on case from last 5-6 days

Does it only present that error when logging out?

Simply loading the site did not produce any error for me.

What steps does one need to take to generate the error?

Yes, When logout then it is coming and also after the login during the session it came suddenly.

What has Odoo support to say about this?

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