Banned from the entire cloudflare network?


I use a small French Internet service provider to connect to the Internet:

https://grifon dot fr

And I just noticed that since the ip:
I am completely banned from the Cloudflare network

traceroute to (, 64 hops max
1 165,719ms 204,592ms 204,818ms
2 204,573ms 204,489ms 204,625ms
3 204,616ms 204,324ms 205,062ms
4 204,764ms 204,265ms 204,827ms
5 158,160ms 250,841ms 204,737ms
6 204,497ms 204,597ms 204,768ms
7 204,474ms 204,614ms 204,629ms
8 204,543ms 205,034ms 204,443ms

nslookup Cloudflare dot com



Non-authoritative answer:

Name: Cloudflare dot com


Name: Cloudflare dot com


Name: Cloudflare dot com

Address: 2606:4700::c629:d7a2

Name: Cloudflare dot com

Address: 2606:4700::c629:d6a2

[email protected]:~$ telnet 80



[email protected]:~$ telnet 443



And I have exactly the same problem on all websites hosted by Cloudflare.

I’m talking about all the websites, all the customers at Cloudflare.

Not only my websites which are also hosted by Cloudflare.

For the record, for my websites I even tried to put the ip in whitelist in the Cloudflare WAF.

But nothing can be done, even for my sites I’m blocked.

So I think it’s a blockage way above, but I don’t understand why the grifon network would have been blacklisted like that.

Best Regards and Merry Christmas.

Do I understand you correctly, you are claiming your IP address is blocked on a network level from accessing any Cloudflare related service (i.e. you dont even get an HTTP error but connections time out)?

If that is the case the best course of action is probably opening a support ticket at


Indeed, I am banished from the whole Cloudflare network.

Thank you I’ll have to wait until January 2, 2019.

Because apparently it’s impossible for me to open a ticket

From Dec. 20 - Jan. 2, please expect delayed support for Free domains. We encourage you to visit our Help Center and community to find answers to your questions. Happy holidays from Cloudflare!

Best Regards

A few comments

  • It shouldnt be impossible to open a ticket, but responses will likely take longer than usual.
  • Considering this forum is on Cloudflare too you are clearly not completely cut off.
  • You cant open e.g. either?
  • What steps have you taken to ensure it is not a local issue or one of your provider? You seem to be able to reach the IP in question, only TCP connects seem to fail. Have you tried a different machine already? Could it be your own router?

Thank you, I think someone from Cloudflare had to read my message.

My ip has been unlocked and I have access to all the sites hosted by Cloudflare again.

Happy Holidays

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