Banned from my website

I’m new to cloudflare and getting really frustrated. Every device i own is now banned from my website with no error message. The site just disappears. I have two identical sites and one seems ok. My main site is integramod (.)com and with a new ip address I can browse the site but logging in to my account or the acp results in my site disappearing. I have a duplicate site at forumimages(.)eu that I used to update the forum software. It seems unaffected by logging in or performing admin functions. Any suggestions?

It disappears from your Cloudflare account?

  1. There is no SSL certificate on the apex domain.
  2. The www subdomain is missing appropriate records.

This (unlike that above) has SSL installed on the apex and www subdomain.

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I removed the self signed certificate thinking it may be interfering with cloudflare. I didn’t touch anything on the forumimages site because I was afraid to break it. Thank you for the insight. I’ll try to duplicate the dns records tonight and see if it solves my problems.

And no it does not disappear from my cloudflare account. When I visit my website the screen goes white and the browser says it cannot find the the website.

Is there a www in the URL? Read:


It makes no difference presently weather it’s www, http or https. The site is gone until I get a new ip address

What happens when you enable SSL/TLS to Full (strict)?

I removed it from here purposely so I could reinstall and set the security to the minimum to see if it made a difference. I re-added it several hours ago

SSL apex redirects to non-SSL apex

$ curl -i
HTTP/2 301
date: Mon, 14 Aug 2023 22:40:48 GMT

Non-SSL apex loads

www subdomain is not configured.

$ curl -i
curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

You need to configure it in DNS for it to work.


according to a few online checkers everything appears ok. This is where I was yesterday before trying to figure out the disappearing site problem. The problem persists. Logging in usually causes the site to disappear. Logging into the admin panel ALWAYS results in “site cannot be found” browser message.

btw. is it common for cloudflare sites to delay loading the css? Since setting up cloudflare, I need a refresh to load the stylesheets

No, something else is going on.

Are you restoring visitor IP?

And, that part :point_down:


not sure what you mean by this. The site is phpBB3.0.14 updated to run on php v8.1 but im running 7.4 due to some of the mods.

What www records are missing? I have an A record and a CNAME record for www.
As the owner, admin and dev for integramod I have setup dozens of dns records for clients and members; and yes, i have made mistakes because DNS is not my thing, however, unless DNS has completely changed over the last 6 years since I took a break from web dev, Im chasing ghosts here. If the website resolves before I have a “sid”, it should still resolve after I have a “sid”. It should also make no difference whether im opening page.php or admin/page.php. This has to be related to cloudflare caching and security

I disagree. Please provide a screenshot of the Cloudflare DNS configuration.

Your site resolves when using the apex. I proved that with the screenshot I posted earlier.

Do I have to add another one on cloudflare? I didn’t add anything for the duplicate site that works flawlessly

That is not Cloudflare.

DNS is handled by Cloudflare. You must make all changes in Cloudflare.


for some reason Cloudflare imported all dns records from the other site and only a few for integramod. Im sorry but I never thought to check here. Also I owe you an apology and a thank you. I dont understand it but adding the www solved my disappearing site problem… i think
Im guessing somewhere I added www to the session link


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