Banned Domain/Zone

Hello. I’m looking to add a domain to my cloudflare account.
It’s saying that the zone is banned.
Are you able to remove this ban from my account or allow me to add the domain to my account?

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Look at the detailed error message & number to determine next steps:

**Error with Cloudflare request: [1105] This zone is temporarily banned and cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time, please contact Cloudflare Support.

Before contacting Cloudflare support, wait 3 hours before attempting to re-add the domain to Cloudflare.

File a request with Cloudflare Support if any of the following errors are observed when adding a domain:

  • Error: This zone is banned and cannot be added to CloudFlare at this time, please contact CloudFlare Support. (Code: 1097)
  • This zone cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time, please contact Cloudflare Support. (Code: 1093)

Error (Code: 1093) or (Code: 1116) can also mean that you included a subdomain ( instead of the root domain ( when adding the domain to Cloudflare.

I’ve already waited over three hours, however it doesn’t display me an error code either.

Any further steps I need to take or?

Also, the thread you mentioned, isn’t mine, nor copied by me.

Sorry @TrankeryMC, does it say temporarily banned or is banned? If temporarily banned, time should help and if not Support may be able to assist. If “is banned”, you can ask Support if it is possible to lift the ban.

Can you share a screen shot or the name of the zone you’re adding?

Will add detail on contacting support in case that becomes necessary. To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post. Here’s a bit of background on Cloudflare Support for reference:

It says it’s Temporarily Banned.